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The Listening And Viewing Booth

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Audio tracks composed by Dereck Vinson. Video created by Dereck Vinson.

Just click on a audio track to listen to audio.

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Dereck Vinson at age 15, was playing drums and singing professionally in clubs with a variety of groups, among whom were The Intriques, who recorded the hit song, In A Moment, He has also played with Barbara Mason, a recording artist from philadelphia. He has performed at the Spectrum, (a major concert hall in Philadelphia) and other top concert halls and clubs across the USA and Canada, appearing with such groups as, The Drifters, The Platers, The State Of Mind Band, Buff, (Pattie La Belles one time back-up band), Instant Funk (who recorded the hit song I Got My Mind Made Up), King Moses And The Jack Raven Band, Chronicles, and Moses Magnum. Dereck decided to pursue a solo career and formed, The DVP (The Dereck Vinson Project) for which he was the lead singer. He also wrote songs for the group and served as producer for the group.

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